An offer that BOOSTERS your BUSINESS in an very new way !


Finally an Affordable consulting offer - especially designed for small and medium-sized organizations and associations



BOOSTMYFIRM is a concept that is revolutionizing business consulting services, freed from :

under-experienced consultants,

unnecessary fees and costs,

huge margins,

PPT and Keynotes without added value



We bring you a high level service, adapted and tailor-made, performed by Senior Experts and themselves CEOs of their own company.


Gone are the days when small-medium sized businesses and associations could not afford the world of the Consulting !


Manager of SME, Association, Community, Public Institutions ... we are here to help you


With BOOSTMYFIRM you are no longer alone in facing and tackling your everyday challenges ! 




We Act on the 3 main levers of performance : 



Taking into account and valuing your most valuable asset


Your Human Capital



VALUES we defend and BASES of our intervention


 Transparency   Rigor   Pragmatism   Coaching   Systemic   Human    Transformation   Transition Management

         Process    Innovation    Honesty    Problem Solving    Collective Intelligence    Crisis Management    

                Interactions    Training    Technical Expertise    Organizational Expertise   Outsourcing   Institutional   

                      Complementarity   International   Financial Expertise   Cultural    Listening   Respect   Value Added 

                             Sustainable   Cooperation   Change    Consulting   Global   Benevolence   Sense   Sustainability   Well-being









BOOST MY FIRM is a Collective of 3 CEOs each one with his own Expertise




A systemic approach where everyone has a specific mission

All our services are available in :







We bring you a solution where you really need it


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